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Stacey and Allen Homra Giving Circle

Our grandson Jack was born the week our son-in-law, Marc Stringer, went into the hospital and passed away. Jack became the best prescription for grief. He was happy, but we recognized some developmental delays. After months of therapy and after having a seizure, we realized something was not right with our little bundle of joy. Finally, doctors' appointments and tests gave us Jack's diagnosis of TUBB2B PMG. 


Jack is now a student at Easter Seals Stuttgart, the Stacey and Allen Homra Child Development Center. This center is one of only two Easter Seals Facilities in Arkansas. It was birthed out of the disabilities of Stacey and Allen's son Trey so Stacey wouldn't have to drive him 60 miles daily for therapy. This center now serves southeast Arkansas and is a gift for many.  


The center was renamed in the fall of 2021 the Stacey and Allen Homra Child Development Center. Stacey passed away of cancer in 2017, and Allen passed away in January 2021 from Covid. They left a daughter, Madison, who significantly influenced the center's growth and development.  


Because of our friends Stacey and Allen, their daughter Madison and our grandson Jack we formed the Stacey and Allen Homra Giving Circle to raise funds for Easterseals Stuttgart. When looking at our mission statement for Personal Pep Rally, we realized that we didn't add the word cancer, so therefore we can serve anyone that has a battle that isn't of their choosing.  


Personal Pep Rally Mission Statement: 

To be an empathic support system that provides encouragement, resources, and real-life application for those who are facing life battles that are not of their choosing. To be a teammate to help others learn to sit, stand or sprint. 

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