Read what Nikki had to say about her JOY MAIL:

I had a horrible night ran some fever.  Just yucky.  On top of that, I have a Dr's apt in Little Rock this afternoon.  The mail came and there was a box addressed to me.  Who would have sent me a box?  In it were the most uplifting items, but it didn't really matter what the items were.  All that matter was that someone was thinking of me.  I was not alone.  I had just told my counselor last week that I felt I didn't matter anymore.  I have had cancer for so many years that no one cared.  But that box that little box gave me the biggest hug.  Misti Coker the ministry you are doing has touched my heart.  God shines from your eyes and your spirit and is using you in the most amazing way.  God, bless you and your family as yall go through this journey too. Thank you for thinking of me.  I pray this posting got my message to you across clear enough. Thank you for pulling me back up out of the darkness and for helping me put satan back under my feet?  Much love and Prayers.