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Send Joy Mail to A Cancer Patient



Send us the information of your friend or family member that is battling cancer. We have a quick and easy form to fill out.


Joy Mail

Thanks to our donors and fundraisers, we will put together the perfect Joy Mail box for each subscriber.


Enjoy Monthly Delivery

The patient will receive monthly Joy Mail from Personal Pep Rally.

How It Works

Just like in athletics, you have to have confidence in your team. Your doctors, nurses, friends, and family – that’s your team now. Follow their plan and embrace it. Positive thoughts produce positive outcomes. Cancer is your opponent. Never fear it. Fear is a lack of faith. Trust in your team, yourself, the Lord and His plan.  Your test results will be your scouting report.  From this, you’ll overcome your opponent. Maintain confidence and a positive, prayerful attitude. Those around you will feed off you. You will gain more power as these positive thoughts multiply among your team. Hold your head high and meet your opponent and challenge head on. ​

We are stronger, together.

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