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How did Joy Mail start at

Personal Pep Rally?

In 2016, our son in law, Marc Stringer, was diagnosed with esophageal cancer at 33. He faced 16 rounds of treatment, with our daughter and his wife Lauren as his main caregiver. We wanted to do something to help encourage both Marc and Lauren, but she didn’t live in the same town as us, and many of their close friends didn’t live nearby, either. We decided to contact Lauren’s friends and family to set up JOY mail. We asked each person to select a week and send something joyful to the couple in the mail, whether it was a card, a gift, flowers or another way to support them during this tough time.

What can we expect in the monthly Joy Mail?

Each month, we put together the perfect Joy Mail box for the patient and/or caregiver. Each box is filled with goodies that are handpicked for the receiver. We keep in mind restrictions, cancer types, and gender when filling the monthly box. 

Who can receive Joy Mail from Personal Pep Rally?

Joy Mail is specifically designed for Cancer Patients and their Caregivers. 

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