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Who is 
Personal Pep Rally?

Our Mission

To be an empathic support system that provides encouragement, resources and real-life application for those who are facing life battles that are not of their choosing.  To be a teammate to help others learn to sit, stand or sprint. 

Our Vision

To give God the glory and under His direction, be a group of game changers who pray about and strive to put into place multiple avenues of encouragement through prayer, the spoken word, the written word and items of encouragement and education to those who have been put on the bench. 

Our Why


Stringer, as we call him, is the inspiration behind Personal Pep Rally. On July 1st, 2016 at the age of 33 he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and Stringer just happens to be our son in law.


Our family realized how fortunate we were to have people show up for us during cancer. As we sat in waiting rooms and cancer centers we looked around and could find those that haven’t been so lucky.


Stringer was very healthy, determined, and strong willed going into cancer. Even enduring chemotherapy, radiation, the Ivor Lewis Procedure and numerous other procedures he did not miss a beat. He continued to coach his high school basketball team missing very few days. For two years we traveled to MD Anderson which enabled Stringer to be with us a little longer.

Never Give Up Never Ever Give Up by Jimmy Valvano is the quote Stringer lived by.


Lauren is our daughter and was also Stringer’s caregiver. She continued for three years working going to school for her APN degrees, and taking care of Stringer. Never did she dream at 26 she would become a caregiver.

Lauren & Marc

On January 24, 2020 we were gathered around Stringer as he took Jesus’s hand and walked into his eternal home.

Lauren and Stringer never give up, they pressed forward with faith and inspired all of those who knew them. Still today Stringer's legacy lives on. He impacted many students, cancer patients, medical professionals and others during cancer. He continues to live through Lauren and the events and programs that were created because of him.

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